Nesting series

CNC - Nesting machining centre is the new high-performance machining centre for Nesting operations, compact and efficient, with a gantry structure, TigerTec offers top-of-the-range technology and guarantees optimum precision in every machining operation.

AD Series

The AD series features an structural Tube Steel one-piece welded frame construction with structural steel tube gantry design. The machines are built to outlast and outperform other machines, no matter how much you use your CNC router, you’ll get the precision you need every time from the TigerTec AD Series.

Shop Series

Do you need to make cuts, but want machines with high value, performance and costeffectiveness?

AD ATC Series

TigerTec TR408AD ATC is designed for efficient working in speed and reliability.

E Series

TR203 economical CNC Router, a compact version of a full-scale CNC system that designed for smaller sized business.

Foundry Pattern H Series

TigerTec PT710 is designed with flexibility in mind and you can
use this model for any CNC project in foundry industry

TigerTec Inc

TigerTec Inc is a manufacturer of CNC routers, CNC plasma cutters, CNC laser cutters, CNC assessories, Fiber laser cutting machine and handheld fiber laser welding machine and so on.

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