Hydraulic Press Brake

Hydraulic Bending Machine is a type of sheet metal bending machine, which is suitable for sheet metal plate bending process. The press brake capacity ranges from 40 ton to 400 ton and the table length from 2 meters to 6 meters. Hydraulic Bending Machine belongs to forging machineries. The main role is in the metal processing industry. Then, its products are widely used in light industry, aviation, shipbuilding, metallurgy, instrument, electrical appliances, stainless steel products, steel structure construction and other industries.

Sheet Metal Vacuum Lifting

Standardized lifters for handling of plate materials with dense, smooth or structured surfaces,The sturdy design, simple operation and high safety concept make the vacuum lifters an ideal partner to simplify and rationalize processes. The lifters are quickly and easily adaptable to different workpiece dimensions and offer almost limitless possibilities of use. Standard Vacuum Lifters offer efficient material handling solutions by promoting functionality, safety, and ergonomic operations for a wide variety of applications and materials.

Air compressor

An air compressor is a machine that will produce compressed air and transfer this air pressure as energy to power different types of devices or machines.

Electronic Stabilizer

The most obvious point of the role of the regulator is that it can control the output voltage of the electrical appliances with large current flutuations in a fixed value range to ensure the smooth circuit and the normal use of electrical appliances. The fiber laser machine equipped with regulators to ensure the stability and safety of equipment operation.

Smoke Filter

It is mainly used for filtering the removal of harmful smoke and industrial waste gas produced in production operations, such as engraving, marking, cutting and welding. The principle of purification smoking pipe will collect harmful smoke and dust into the purifier, smoke into the first filter layer, large particles are blocked down, fine particles are filtered through the filter element, and smell by activated carbon adsorption, the final pollution of smoke is filtered, clean air back to the workshop.

Raycus Laser Source

It has the advantages of high electro-optical conversion efficiency, good beam quality, high energy density, wide modulation frequency, strong reliability, long life, and maintenance-free operation. It can be widely used in welding, precision cutting, cladding, surface treatment, 3D printing and other fields. Its optical fiber output characteristics make it easier to integrate with robots into flexible manufacturing equipment to meet the needs of three-dimensional processing.

Max Laser Source

The product has various compatibility and control modes, which can switch between pulse and continuous mode, and simultaneously handle the processing tasks of two different lasers the pulse width waveform is flexible and adjustable, the heat dissipation is fast, and the electro-optical conversion rate is over 30%, which is another option for the long pulse width, high peak power applications.

IPG Laser Source

IPG’s mid power CW fiber lasers cover output power range from 100 to 4000 W and feature a wide range of operating wavelengths, single-mode and multi-mode options, low amplitude noise, high stability and extremely long pump diode lifetime. Lasers are typically air-cooled up to 500 W average power. Compact water-cooled units are also available for average powers up to 4 kW. Redesigned electronics offers extended control functionality. The lasers are available with a wide variety of fiber terminations or collimation optics.

Water Chiller TEYU

TEYU S&A Chiller was founded in 2002 with 21 years of chiller manufacturing experience, and now is recognized as a cooling technology pioneer and reliable partner in laser industry. Our recirculating water chillers are ideal for a wide variety of industrial applications. And for laser application in particular, we develop a complete line of laser water chillers, ranging from stand-alone units to rack mount units, from low power to high power series, from ±1℃ to ±0.1℃ stability technique applied.

Cypenest(Cypcut) Software

CypCut sheet cutting software is an in-depth design for fiber laser cutting industry. It simplifies complex CNC machine operation and integrates CAD, Nest and CAM modules in one. From drawing, nesting to workpiece cutting all can be finished by a few clicks. CypCut sheet cutting software is an in-depth design for fiber laser cutting industry. It simplifies complex CNC machine operation and integrates CAD, Nest and CAM modules in one. From drawing, nesting to workpiece cutting all can be finished by a few clicks.

Vacuum Pump Becker

Becker USA offers a complete line of vacuum solutions for the woodworking industry, including 100% oil-less, dry vacuum pumps, deep vacuum oil-flooded pumps, rotary claw, and Advantage-W multi-vacuum pump systems. These solutions minimize maintenance requirements, offer the most efficient pumps and systems in the world, and provide the strong vacuum hold down that is imperative for keeping parts in place and reducing scrap. Becker has more experience providing pumps for router vacuum hold-down applications for CNC tables than any other industry manufacturer.

Dust collector

A dust collector removes dirt, dust and debris from the air, providing your factory with cleaner air, which can provide numerous benefits.

Mist cooling System

When cutting non-ferrous metals with a CNC machine, the right cooling systems & lubricant coolant are essential for protecting your routing bits and keeping your cutting machinery in good working condition. Using a fine mist or droplets of lubricant to keep the cutting surface free of chips and appropriately cooled. Without an appropriate cooling solution, you might shatter bits or even overheat your equipment.

Auto lubricating system

A centralized lubrication system which delivers controlled amounts of lubricant to multiple locations on a CNC machine while the machine is operating.

Infrared protection

Infrared protection is brightly coloured and obvious. If the light it transmits and receives is broken by anything entering a region its configured to protect, it acts - instantly. It stops the machine its tracks - halts the spindle and waits until the hazard is removed before it can be easily continued and production can resume.


The CCD cameras capture optical signals with high-sensitive. CCD is mainly used for accurate identification and positioning of organic thin plate or some print patter. CCD can capture the panoramic picture of the workpiece accurately and cleary. CCD can measure the size of workpiece online and freeze the shape of it. The automatic scanning system can focus on the point automatically.

Oscillating Knife

Using oscillating knife to cut the edge of the carton, the edge of the finished product cut out is smooth and the size of the cutting piece is accurate. Oscillating knife can cut differrent materials, including corrugated paper, cardbard, composite paper, gsskets, KT board. The oscillating knife is equipped with a camera that quickly scans the entire processed format before cutting, then identifies reference points and locates materials to achieve precise cutting.

Push-Down roller-SHOP

The push down roller is fastened onto the sides of the CNC router and in conjunction with the vacuum table,this puts pressure on the top of the material making sure that the machine cuts precisely and flawlessly.

Material Pop-Up Pins

Automated pop-up pins are available in various configurations to suit different machine models. The operator simply taps a button on the controller and they pop up. They automatically retract before the machine starts to cut.

Vacuum Cups Suction Pods

A lot of CNC router users own flat table CNC, as it is fast and good for big sheet nesting, also cheaper than pod and rail CNC machines. But if you are machining custom parts made out of solid wood that requires machining on the side and bottom of the part, to process the side of the part with horizontal boring, machining, cutting, etc. A flat table can't perform those functions as easy. But now our flat table vacuum cups will allow your shop to do solid wood work or edge detail by raising the material off of the table. You can use your matrix table CNC router as pod and rail CNC router. CNC vacuum pods: CNC vacuum hold down block devices for CNC router vacuum table.

Cabinet version

CABINET VISION makes it simple for furniture, woodworking, or casegood manufacturers of all sizes to play to their strengths, by using a single, fully modular software package to go from design to manufacture.

Aspire Software

Aspire provides a powerful but intuitive software solution for creating and cutting parts on a CNC router. There are tools for 2D design and calculation of 2D toolpaths such as Profiling, Pocketing, and Drilling as well as 2.5D toolpaths including; V-Carving, Prism carving, Moulding Toolpaths, Fluting, The Chamfer Toolpath and even a decorative texturing strategy.

TYPEEDIT V13 Software

As a result, efficiency, results, recognition and image are very important to them. Threes strive for success in their chosen field and tend to be highly flexible and willing to adapt to achieve their goals. At their best, others will experience Threes as hard-working, principled and receptive, offering the gifts of hope and integrity to the world.

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