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Company Introduction

TigerTec brand is founded in 2003 in the United States. TigerTec Inc. (China) is a Sino-US joint venture and professional manufacturer of CNC machines in China. Wefocus on the high quality CNC machines and aims at middle and high-end overseas market.  Our products range from woodworking CNC routers, sign making CNC routers, metal working CNC machines, pattern making CNC machines to stone working CNC machinesetc. We do customized machines for OEM customers and have already worked with some brands from United States, Italy, Korea, Germany, Russia and Taiwan for many years.We have welding workshop, painting house (sand polishing and powder coating), parts machining and  assemble machines by ourselves. We manufacture all the machinery parts by VMC and machining centerin house to control the quality and delivery time.  We forged a closed partnership with HSD spindles, Yaskawa servo driving systems, Siemens driving systems, Igus cabling, Syntec controllers, Delta inverters and Becker pumps. TigerTec has full understanding of quality, service and customer value. We supply global installation, training and CNC solutions for our customers. Honesty moulds the quality, quality wins the market!

Why TigerTec are different?

TigerTec focus on the high quality machines. We do really manufacturing in door. We have welding workshop, painting house, sheet metal processing workshop, mechanical manufacturing workshop. We make all these in our own factory. So we can control the privacy drawings for our OEM customers, control the quality and delivery time.

Welding process

We can control the finishing of the welding by ourselves. We have regular distance between each welding bar. It makes the machine quality more standard. With the in door work, we know how to improve our quality.

Painting house

TigerTec do powder coating for all our machines and all parts. We do sand blasting before painting. Sand blasting can clean all the rusty and the surface of he parts more attractive. We can have better finishing and the machine will not get rusty after long time use.

Sheet metal process

We use TigerTec our own fiber cutting machine to cut the metal sheet and we have the automatic press break machine to bend the parts. We use the fiber welding machine to make the welding. We can make the special designs ourselves and get better accuracy parts.

VEDM for linear and rack

TigerTec buy the whole piece Hiwin linear for stock. When we need to cut the length which we need. We will use VEDM to cut it, even the racks. VEDM can help us to get good finishing and protect the linear bearings. Sure we use VEDM to make other small parts which need high precision also.


TigerTec have VMC to make all the small size mechnical parts for our CNC routers, fiber laser cutting machines and plasma machines. We make all the holes and thread by CNC machines. We do not allow our workers to drill by hand.

Metalwork process

TigerTec have five-side machining center, VMC, milling machine, grinder, VEDM and other related machines. We can make all the mechanical parts in door. We can control the delivery time and quality of the parts. Let’s explain how we milling the gantry for the CNC routers, CNC plasma and CNC fiber cutting machines. We do the rough milling firstly and we make the powder coating. After the powder coating, we will make the fine finishing with the five-side machining center. With this process, we can get 0.02mm/m. We can meet our quality standard and get the advantage for the quality.

Machine Assembling Workshop

TigerTec spent a lot of time to improve the quality of our CNC routers since many years ago. We focus on the quality improvements and customers feedback. We control the quality for all the details and keep the record of the QC report in our ERP system for future analysis.
TigerTec use PDM system to manage all our orders. We keep the record and drawings of the orders in our system for your machine life time. You always can get the proper parts when you need it. We can provide the parts code in our ERP system. You don’t need to tell us the model number or name of the parts, you just need to send us the parts code in the list.

TIGERTEC quality control

TigerTec focus on the high quality machines. We check all the details of the parts and machines before we delivery the machines.
We use professional tools to check the accuracy of the parts, check the thickness of paint, parallelism of the linear, vertical of the 3 axes, spindle straightness and other details which will effect the performance of the machines. For more details, welcome to TigerTec factory. You will know how TigerTec control the quality of the machines.


We have Hamar Multi-Axis Lasers for precision alignment and analysis. We can use Hamar laser to check the machine: Flatness, Squareness, Straightness and Parallelism. This is a great help for the quality improvement and also we can get the exact data for the control system compensation. After all these, we can get better performance machine.


  • To be a Company valued by customers, partners and employees.

  • To be a Professional and profitable Company with sustained growth.

  • Continue building on our reputation of excellence, value and integrity.


  • Happy Market - To add to our portfolio of innovative products and maintain our reputation of being the No.1 Vendor for CNC Solutions and Services in all the geographical markets we serve.

  • Happy Clients – to assist them achieve their business goals.

  • Happy Environment — to contribute to making our environment worthy to work and live.

TigerTec Inc

TigerTec Inc is a manufacturer of CNC routers, CNC plasma cutters, CNC laser cutters, CNC assessories, Fiber laser cutting machine and handheld fiber laser welding machine and so on.

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